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Friday, January 15, 2010

Hello Blogger
I know that my blog-is-dead as I'm lack of online this year.
Obviously, the coming months might be very strict of controlling me.
Sigh !

Today, I'm moody. I don't know why is it happen to me ? Maybe because of HIM ? I'm going to school as usual. Start school for about 7.20am - 12.35pm. Then me & Pey Yan stayback. I purposely call Kok Wooi to come over to fetch us to Summit because I want to see him. I so miss him truely. I'm so happy when I saw him, that's so true. But he seem like not happy, I was thinking why ? He is being so cold to me when I first saw him today till the end. Why ? I thought if he have something wrong or trouble ? When I asked him " Are you okay ? " He did answer that he was alright. OMG ! I start worring after that after I finish my tae kwon do at 2.45pm-4.15pm. Then I SMS him but he din't reply me every single msg. I getting more worry. OMG. After that he did lo. Then when I back from tuition, I SMS him again. The cold msg come again. He seem not happy to chat with me. Then i started to moody I think. Suddenly he ask me " Why I'm not excited when I meet you today ? " OMG ! What a shock ! He even ask me this question. I know why maybe ? But I told him that " I don't know. You ask yourselve. " Then I started to think is he not loving me anymore ? Is it his LOVE towards me gonna fade soon or sooner ? I get more worry. OMGF ! I know nowaday me & him SMS very less. Not close as last time. Can't tell everything. Even worst. Haihs. Forget it. But I hope all this are not TRUE. ILH ! Strongly LOVE him. Eventhough he was far apart from me, my LOVE towards him getting more. I miss him LOTS. Want him. Sigh. Forget it lah. I'm off to bed now. I don't want to continue thinking & drop any bitter tears.

P.S : A little private again. at 6:17 AM
Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Hello blogger.
I'm here just to post out stupid things that you don't need to read.
I just want to express my feeling here. Just for myself to read & everything will be fine for me.

i don know what happen to him & me lah. nowadays he likes to find something to make one another angry. i don't know if i'm too. if i'm then i'm sorry, i will admit my wrong. i also dunno what he want lah actually. if i don tell him everything then he angry but if i tell also he did the same. so i better tell or don't ? sometime i don tell cos i dowan him sad. that is it. then how he want me to do ? i'm so confusing u noe ? i don know my mum lah. everytime i go out, my mum sure ask me who is going ? of course i'm telling the truth mah. my mum said everytime i go out sure kw got go. i admit what she say is right. i und why my mu say that cos she scare me & him do something wrong. and she did promise me that i can dating with kw after SPM. i know she will keep the promise. but din't kw know it ? he should und right ? as long my mum promise me that, he should und mah. means that my mum definitely accept him after i SPM end. and he thinks online is important in my life ? can't i spend time on online ? just for fun. can't mah ? what u want me to do ? u think i can sms sitting on the sofa whole day ? just sitting down there ? impossible right ? u also should go toilet, watch tv, eat or do whatever thing everyday. i just feel boring so i online, is it i can't ? i told him liao when i online i can sms him what ? i din't say he is annoying, just he is the one don;t one to reply me and now he blaming me that for me online is very important ? OMG ! he is the one don reply me u know ? if i play SDO, then of course i will let him know to wait me. if sometime i can't then i will let him know. just sometime i forget to inform him mah. everyone might got mistake mah. haihss. and summmo he always scold me cos i din't reply him but when he din reply me that time leh ? did he know he did the same as me ? i get scold from him cos make him worry din reply, but when he did that time leh ? he think i syok main ah ? i also worry u know ? OMG ! u treat me as what ? a doll ? no feeling ? OMG ! u got feeling then i don have feeling lah right ? SIGH !! i really dunno who is right & wrong now. but i just want to express what i wanna say here. and maybe i will be alright. i know there are many things i don like & dunno what he want. but my love to him will never fade. i still LOVE him T^T just sometime i can't stand. eventhough i don like his attitude sometime but i still very LOVE him. so deep liao. i cannot lost him. i want him T^T at 6:55 AM
Sunday, December 27, 2009

Hahaha ! Here are those me & my sister take from webcam.
We both sot liao. I don't know when we took.
But super funny lah that time =X

 at 10:45 PM

Hello people again, Stalberrii is back here again <3
I'm so sorry for the-dead-blog.
I went back to my hometown on the 25th December 2009.
So i stayed there for about 3 days.


Date & Day : 26.12.2009, Saturday.
My cousin marry at Muar, Johor. Me & my sister become bride's sister. Get 'ang pao' hahaa ! Syok gila ! =X Here are those pictures at her house (:

Me & My sister, Kanata.

Is me :D

Date & Day : 27.12.2009, Sunday.
I just got back from Muar, Johor. Then at night got buffet at One world Hotel. Wow ! Eat till damn full. I'm sorry for breaking the promise that I wanted to slim down actually =X
Here are those pictures on that day :D

Stalberrii & Kanata.
Both of us are camwhoring.

It is me <3

Stalberrii & Kanata.

Mummy & Stalberrii.

Stalberrii & Kanata.

It is me, finally.

The End story. at 10:09 PM
Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Hello people in the world & 2009 is going to end soon
Today on the 24th December which is Christmas Eve, nothing much to describe about today.
Uber bored !
I asked myself, 'If i'm boring right today, why not i spend my time on revising ?'
And that should be the weird weird answer coming out from my mouth :
'Lazy !'
I got no mood on my study and I know i have to ready for my next year SPM.

| Sigh :( |


Date & Day : 23rd December 2009. I went to Time Square with my sister, Kok Wooi & Meei Shih. Just four of us, but it was fun ! Super fun with them (: I woke for about 8.30 that morning, then started myself to the bathroom, make up & stuff. Then around 10.15am, Kok Wooi reached my house, he fetched me & my sister. Then off to Meei Shih's house. I went in to her house whereas my sister & Kok Wooi is still in the car waiting. I went in Meei Shih house to help her with the contact lens. LOL ! She still having problem with that lens. Haha ! After that, we took bus to KL central and monorial to reach Time Square. Four of us get hungry, then we first step in the 'Food & Tea' to eat something for lunch. Then shop shop till like hell. Four of us gonna be a shopaholics :D keep entering each shop 1 by 1 and keep on buying non-stop. Damn cheap lah this year end sale ! I like Meei Shih's blue feather dress & Kok Wooi's singlet. And of course mine & my sister one. Actually, I still not enough yet & wanted to buy more. But I already spend for about RM 200. OMGF ! Carry the bag till heavy cause too many things liao =X around 5pm like that we went back loh, started to take monorial & bus back. Reached USJ for about 7pm. Then we four went to eat at 'Maju Maju' for dinner. Fetched Meei Shih back home & then me and my sister. I feel fun & enjoy with them that day.

P.S : Sorry, no pictures to be upload today, you wonder why right ? It is because I'm using a lousy phone now. My SE got problem already, button a bit sot liao. So, I mostly take with my camera, and the problem is my camera the GB is too big & takes long time to be upload. So, at this moment, I might not upload loh until I get back my phone repair.


Regards, Mer Sie.

Labels: at 7:36 PM
Monday, December 21, 2009

Hello blog readers on green earth
Today was boring, uber bored. Nothing much to say.
Tuition + Online + Sleep + Watching for today.


Date & Day : 18.12.2009, Friday.
I went to visit my 'kai grandma' at Wangsa Maju. Nothing much to say lah. Have a talk with my 'kai ee' and my parents together. After pay a visit, then my family went to see fortune teller. Boring lah till I keep blinked my eyes. Went to Petaling street for dinner :D

Date & Day : 19.12.2009, Saturday.
I went to Mid Valley with family again. We reached there for about 4.30pm, I think. Then went to the exhibition center to see all the 'college & university' campus. Wow ! So crowded, keep pushing each other. WTh * Then went for shopping after that lo. Haha :D

Date & Day : 20.12.2009, Sunday.
I went to Sunway Pyramid. With my sister, Kok Wooi, Ian, Jonathan Yan. My cousin was there too with her friends but I didn't walked with her lo. Just to meet up with her and talk a little =X She gave me the comic fiesta ticket. I don't know what was that at first. When I step in the convention center, I was like 'OMG !' I saw many 'cosplay' i get addicted & like it much ! My first time I saw all this. Then took few pictures with them. I want to have my own too ! OMFG ! Oh yes, went to watch movie, The Storm warrior. For me, it was boring movie =X But I know guys might like to watch it.

P.S : Sorry, no pictures to be upload. Size are too big & takes long time to be upload. at 5:35 AM
Monday, December 14, 2009

Hello people on the green world - earth
I'm sorry for too late blogging. Lazy + busy travelling on December 09'.
Picture above was taken last few weeks, I had got my new hair cut.
I looked myself in front of the mirror and keep laughing on the first day I cut.
And I did say " I look cute isn't it ? " Hahahaha !
Perasaan -.-'' I knew.
Today, 15/12/2009 :
Sitting in front of the computer and typing every single word at 2.27pm.
She just recovered from sick yesterday (:
Finally get well today, shiny day for me but bored + lazy. Sigh !
So i'm here just wanted to share my holiday trips to Penang.
Let's begin
On the 11th December 2009, the 1st day trip to Penang.
My mummy woke me up for about 7am++ then of course bath and set myself before i get into the car. Before we start our journey, my family went to have our breakfast. After that, start our journey to Penang of course. Woow ! Just took for about 3 hours to reach there (: Then went to the 5 star hotel, Evergreen Laurel Hotel which place in Gurney. After that went out to find food to eat lah of course. So, we went to eat 'Laksa' the first meal :D Then visit my 'Tuah Ee' i don't know whether i spell it right because that is Hokkien language -.-'' I know this part is very boring lah. LOL ! After eat again then went back to hotel, and swim. Hahaha !! After that went out to have our dinner 'Kuey Chap' my favourite food !! Then eat till full full liao went back to hotel again. Then outside the hotel got beach. So, we went out to have a walk loh. Walk to PLaza Gurney there. Wow ! It took for about half an hour to reach. LOL ! Then Kok Wooi message me that his family also want to come down Gurney. So, we met loh. Me, my sister, Kok Wooi, and Hui Yin went to yum cha together. Sorry, no photos to be upload. Lazy :X I'm sorry.
On the 12th December 2009, the 2nd day trip to Penang.
I had forgetten what time i woke liao. LOL ! Then went out to market & had a breakfast (: After that visit all my aunty uncle who stayed at Penang (: Then for about 1.30 pm, hv a shop with Kok Wooi, Hui Yin and also his mummy. LOL ! We went to Komtar there shopping ! It was fun :P I bought clothes over there (: After that went to beach with the same person again :D LOL ! Catch fishes, saw some crabs, jelly fish, death fish -.-'' haha :D a lots more to say. I don't want to mention :P I know it myself can already :D After this (......) got no comment.
On the 13th December 2009, the 3rd day trip to Penang.
Woke early morning to see sun rise but it was too late. Pictures was taken by DSLR but din't upload yet. I'm sorry again. Then check out from the hotel. Ate curry mee for my breackfast. Time to go back my home sweet home ! On the way back to home, I got sick ! What a sick ! Sigh !
Want to see some pictures, log in to
Do enjoy yourselves (:
Yours Truly, Mer Sie. at 10:11 PM

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